It is a privilege to present this year's candidates. Please read their candidate statements prior to placing your vote.
The elected candidates will serve beginning October 1, 2020. The voting period is February 17 through March 2.

Open Positions for 2020:

Who is Eligible to Vote?
  • Institutional members - Primary contact only
  • Retired members

Business partner, educator, affiliate, and student members are not eligible to vote.


Candidate Statements


Eisenberg200x200.jpgEric Eisenberg
Director of Dining Services
Rogue Valley Manor, Pacific Retirement Services (PRS)
Medford, Oregon

Background Statement:

AHF has been instrumental in my professional development and I would not be the leader I am today if not for the support and influence of all the dynamic and brilliant leaders that have this organization as President.   I am eager to give back to this organization that has provided me so much toward my career as a healthcare foodservice professional.

I have been working in healthcare foodservice for 16 years recently transitioning from acute care to senior living where I am the director of dining services for a continuing care retirement community serving 1000 residents at all levels of care. I have devoted myself to AHF and the legacy organizations and have actively participated at the national and local levels every year since 2004.

Association positions currently held:

  • AHF Board of Directors
  • AHF Membership Committee (Board Liaison)
  • AHF Sponsorship Committee

Past offices held include but are not limited to:

  • President – Washington State Chapter
  • National Nominating Committee
  • Chapter Advisory Board – Chair
  • Conference Planning Committee 2014 & 2016
  • Conference Planning Committee Co-Chair 2018

During my 16 years as a member of AHF, in addition to my leadership and committee involvement I have been privileged to have been awarded both the Future Horizons Award in its inaugural year in 2008 and the Exemplary Leadership Award in 2013.

AHF is an organization that is committed to supporting the self-operated healthcare foodservice operator and their facilities through advocacy and driving value through building relationships with our business partners. It has been a career long goal to serve AHF in this way and give back to our industry community. I would be honored to serve AHF and our members as President – Elect.

Priority Statement:
This year AHF has taken the step of living our mission as self-operators by dissolving our relationship with our management company and taking reins of our organization into our own hands. As we enter this new chapter I will focus my priorities on engaging more self-operated organizations and driving membership through industry outreach and formalizing affiliations with other likeminded associations. I will commit to enhancing the value of our membership by working to develop, through our committees new and dynamic resources to the benefit of all of our members and drive AHF to become the preeminent authority to the healthcare foodservice industry.


AngelaOneillAngela O'Neill
Director Nutrition Services
Hunterdon Medical Center
Flemington, NJ

Background Statement:
Being a part of AHF National and our local AHF-NJ Chapter has been exciting and invaluable to my growth as a leader. It is my pleasure to serve on the AHF Board of Directors as the Treasurer Elect. 

My contributions as a professional leader:

AHF National
  • 2020 Co-Chair of the Conference Planning Committee
  • Previous Committees served from 2011-2019 Conference Planning Committee
  • Awards Committee Co-Chair         
  • Nominating Committee 
  • Chapter Advisory Board Co-Chair 
  • Education-Webinar & Regional Networking Committee         
  • Culinary Competition Committee 

AHF-NJ Chapter
  • Served as an AHF-NJ Board Member 2011-2020       
    • AHF-NJ Chapter President- 2 terms
    • 2017 -AHF Chapter of the Year Award 

Professional Recognition
  • 2016 AHF Partnership in Leadership Award Recipient
  • 2009 Hunterdon Medical Center’s Leadership Excellence Award

Priority Statement:
As the association’s Treasurer Elect, my first focus will be on learning the financial components of the organization to then be able to serve as the Treasurer. Supporting the strategic plans of AHF while also assuring it remains fiscally sound is a major priority. Lastly,  I would be continue to be enthusiastic in providing thoughts and ideas to help our self-op organizations remain a powerful force in the healthcare foodservice industry.

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LeisaBryant200x200.jpgLeisa Bryant, MBA, MA, RDN, LD
Director, Food & Nutrition Services
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas

Background Statement:

I have over 20 years of healthcare experience in Food and Nutrition, and has long championed “finding the sweet spot” for good nutrition, patient and employee satisfaction and business operations. My professional growth is credited to the benefits and valuable resources and tools AHF offers such as mentoring, Benchmarking Express, educational conferences and webinars, networking and professional support. I was recognized in November 2017 as Director of the month by Foodservice Director Magazine and as one of 18 Future Foodservice Leaders of 2018 by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine. I currently serve on the AHF Board as Director at Large and on the Board of the Common Market in Texas.

Priority Statement:
My membership and BOD experience has afforded me the unique opportunity to serve and support the AHF mission through;

  • Promoting the organization and expanding its membership through networking and championing the value of membership.
  • Expansion of the AHF resources and tools to ensure easy access and availability of evidence-based information to its members.
  • Advocating for self-operation among Healthcare Executives using data from Benchmarking Express


Niles_200x200.jpgNiles Gebele
Director of Nutrition & EVS
OhioHealth Marion
Marion, OH

Background Statement:

In my 12 years with OhioHealth I have served in several leadership roles with increasing responsibilities.  I am also leading a forum for all the self-op hospitals in our system to improve collaboration and provide support to each other.  During my 6 years with AHF I have served on several committees:

  • 2019 – AHF Education Committee
  • 2018 – Co-Chair AHF E-Library committee
  • 2017 – AHF self–op committee
  • 2016 – Benchmarking committee
  • 2017 AHF conference presenter - Contractor Tactics

During my 12 years with OhioHealth I have been awarded three OhioHealth prism awards for Integrity and Excellence.   I have also been awarded the opportunity to participate in Leadership Marion that focuses on developing community leaders.  Out of this program I became founding board member for Restore the Glory Marion, focused on redeveloping parks in the community.  I am also a recent graduate of OhioHealth’s LEAD program that targets high potential directors within the health system.

Priority Statement:
If elected to the Board of Directors my focus will be to drive the value of AHF to its members.   I will achieve this by engaging AHF members, drive member to member connections and open honest communication.  I will use the feedback gained through these interactions to help refine my focus. AHF’s value is its members and growing member engagement is vital to the continued growth of AHF and increasing its relevance to what self-operators do every day.

Seth Grant, CDM, CFPP, LSSBB
Associate Director of Culinary Services and Business Operations
Eskenazi Health
Indianapolis, IN

Background Statement:
Having grown up in my family owned restaurants, I knew at a young age that my passion was in foodservice. I have worked in the industry for over 25 years, with the past nearly 9 years having been blessed to serve Eskenazi Health in the Indianapolis community, where I continue to focus on the growth of our operations, our community, and the future of the foodservice industry in general.

Career Highlights:
  • Committee Chair, Indiana March of Dimes Chef’s Auction
  • FSD Operation of the Month, December 2018
  • Food Management- Best Concept Award 2018
  • FSD Operation of the Year, 2018
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - 2018
  • Board of Directors, Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana
  • FSD Magazine – Rising Star 2019
  • AHF Spotlight Award – 2019 - More than 60% Indiana Local Food
  • Commissioner, Indiana Department of Agriculture - Indiana Grown 2019-2023
  • Committee Chair, Eskenazi Health Employee Engagement
  • CDM-CFPP Certification – 2020

Priority Statement:
AHF is an organization that is important to me because of the mission of continuing to elevate self-operated foodservice as the best option for providing healthy, nutritious, and high quality meals to the communities that we serve. As a board member I will continue to push for innovation in the industry ensuring that we stay competitive in the market, and continue to attract more members to engage in our mission. I am currently very active in local procurement efforts and would like the opportunity to continue to work with other organizations to achieve their goals in this area as well. 

PatrickLamont200x200.jpgPatrick LaMont
Director of Food and Nutrition
Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center
Brooklyn, NY

Background Statement:
I’ve been a Food Service Leader for more than 30 years. I started as a dietary worker and I’ve since worked in K-12, B & I, Prison and the Healthcare Industry. I’ve held numerous positions such as; District Manager, Director of Food and Nutrition, General Manager. One of my greatest accomplishments was completing my MBA and going to the Middle East as a Subject Matter expert (SME) to work on a Greenfield, Design Build project worth over $1.2B but my greatest accomplishment is marrying my wife and creating 3 beautiful sons.

Volunteer Experience:

  • President, AHF NY Chapter – 2018-2020
  • Member, Benchmarking Committee – 2018-2020
  • Volunteer, Self-Operated Project Team – 2018-2019
  • Volunteer, Selection Committee – 2018-2019
  • Director at Large, HFM Board – 2007
  • Member, HFM Marketing Committee – 2007

Priority Statement:
My priorities would be to, listen and support the leadership of AHF in order to meet the needs of our members on the topics of today and, where appropriate share my ideas of the future and the challenges that face us today. I will make myself available and willingly share my experiences in order to, drive AHF to be the needed resources for all our self-operators giving them, a competitive advantage for success in our industry and beyond.

TimS200x200.jpgTim Schoonmaker,  MBA, CEC, WCEC, CCA, CDM, CFPP, FMP, MCFE
System Director Nutrition Services/Executive Chef
Centra Health
Lynchburg, VA

Background Statement:
I have been in the healthcare food service industry for 20 years. I currently serve as the system Director of Nutrition Services at Centra Health, managing 4 hospitals, 2 café’s, The Dawson Inn, a non- profit hotel, and a food truck, Code Fresh. My experience has taught me that being involved and proactive in moving our industry forward, and mentoring others is a priority. As the industry continues to change, we are all responsible for lifting each other up and achieving the goal of remaining self-op. My strong financial background, hospitality background, and culinary knowledge, puts me in a strategic place to be able to provide support to members of various backgrounds. My passion is food service and helping others whenever and wherever I can. I am passionate about the opportunity to be able to serve on the AHF Board.

Volunteer Experience:

  • AHF Benchmarking Committee Chair, 2019-2020
  • AHF Nominating Committee Member, 2018
  • AHF Exemplary Leadership Award Winner, 2019
  • AHF Conference Planning Committee Member, 2020
  • AHF Culinary Competition Bronze medalist- 2019 (Scottsdale, AZ)
  • VA Board Member- ANFP; Speaker at ACE national conference
  • Ex-Officio Board Member- Meals on Wheels of Prince Edward County
  • American Culinary Federation Member; Education Committee Chair
  • World Chef’s Association member
  • Mentor, Big Brothers, Big Sisters; President of the Board, Central Virginia
  • Lynchburg City Schools partners in education member

Priority Statement:
My priorities would include: mentoring others in leadership, promoting benchmarking and the importance of self- op. I would promote the mission of self-op through awareness of our programs, engage both members and non-members to get involved, work with the Board to help ensure the mission of AHF continues to move forward and grow through mentoring and coaching. I would look at ways of being proactive to an ever changing healthcare environment and changing foodservice industry.


Andrew_Bergman_200x200.jpgAndrew Bergman
Manager of Food and Nutrition
ProHealth Care
Waukesha, WI

Background Statement:
I have spent 23 years of my life working in different facets of food service, the past four years of which have been under the Healthcare banner. During my brief tenure in healthcare foodservice, I have been awarded the AHF Benchmarking Award in 2018, the AHF Future Horizons Award in 2019, and I serve on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin AHF Chapter, which won the AHF Chapter of the Year award in 2019. I am currently on the AHF Editorial Advisory Board and I am looking for any and every opportunity to get involved on the national level as I continue to grow and foster my leadership qualities.

As a member of the Leadership Development Committee, my goal and commitment to the AHF Members is to present a slate of qualified candidates that possess the values and vision that is ubiquitous across self-operated healthcare systems independent of size and prominence. It is my objective to build upon the incredible foundation established over the previous decade and promote the success of the organization for years to come.

Andria_Coleman_200x200.jpgAndria Coleman, DBA, EMBA, MS, RD, CDN
Manager, Food and Nutrition
New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital
New York, NY

Background Statement:

One of the most important role in leadership is service.  Service provides fulfillment by focusing on the needs of others. 

 Association position currently held:
  • Board member AHF-NY

Past offices held and/or contributions to professional organizations include:
  • Immediate Past President AHF-NY
  • AHF Chapter Advisory Board

 During my 4 years at NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, I received Top Women in Metro New York Foodservice & Hospitality for three consecutive years (2018-2020).  My career success story was featured at the Walden University Doctoral Career Pathways Conference, Walden University Magazine, and Career Services blog. 

AHF is an empowering organization dedicated to the advancement of in-house foodservice organizations and it would be my privilege to continue to serve our members.  My priorities would be to advance the mission of AHF through the facilitation of knowledge transfer, access to resources, member development, and value creation. 

Mike Folino
Director of Support Services
Akron Children's Hospital
Akron, OH

AHF Contributions:
  • Recruitment Team 2008-2009
  • E-Library Task Force 2015-2017
  • Self-Operated Committee 2018
Other Professional Activities:
  • Ohio Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Treasurer 2012-2013
  • Conference Planning Committee 2009-2010,2012-2013
Background Statement:

AHF’s power is in its people.  As part of the Leadership Development Committee, I will fully invest myself in leadership and board candidate development.  Aligning the talents of our membership while supporting the goals and mission of AHF is critical to our success.  I will diligently use my network of peers and not only advocate on behalf of AHF, but pursue increased involvement.

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